Xiamen: The Photo Gallery

With the release of Xiamen: The Camphor City Guide, there simply wasn’t enough room to include all of the photos of the city that I wanted readers to see. So here, with captions, are a selection of images that I hope will give even more colour and context to the words in the guide.

Marco Polo Area & Yundang Lake 马可波罗区 & 筼筜湖


DSC00362 (Large)

A fresh serve of xiaolongbao from Hangzhou Xiaolongbao in the Marco Polo area

IMG_6117 (Large)

The view from Xiamen Botanical Gardens, over Wanshilian Temple and the towers lining Yundang Lake, to the green hilltop of Huweishan Park in the distance

IMG_5270 (Large)

A young family walks the western edge of Yundang Lake near Haiwan Park

IMG_8101 (Large)

The bridge that carries the visitor from Haiwan Park to Yundang Lake. The Marco Polo area is on the left


A trio of egrets swoop for fish on Yundang Lake

IMG_9764 (Large)

A couple pose for photos by night in Huweishan Park near the Marco Polo area

IMG_4533 (Large)

Flowers near the children’s playground in Haiwan Park


Kulangsu 鼓浪屿


IMG_9457 (Large)

Kulangsu viewed from Xiamen island’s Waterfront Park, near Zhongshan Road

IMG_5510 (Large)

the crowds shuffle shoulder-to-shoulder along Longtou Lu in the middle of Kulangsu

IMG_8624 (Large)

Viewed from Sunlight Rock, the iconic roof of Kulangsu’s Organ Museum is backed by the western shoreline of Xiamen island, including the Xiamen Bund now known as Waterfront Park

IMG_8701 (Large)

The moon rises over Xiamen’s newest skyscrapers, the Shimao Xiamen Straits Plaza as they take shape, with the red roofs of Kulangsu in the foreground


Zhongshan Road 中山路


IMG_7232 (Large)

Night falls on Bashi Market near Zhongshan Road, some of Xiamen’s oldest streets


Xiamen University & Around 厦门大学区


DSC03496 (Large)

White paper bowls ready to be filled with shachamian (沙茶面) in the streets near Xiamen University

DSC03506 (Large)

Fresh ale, brewed on site at Amoy Bräu in the Shapowei area

IMG_9421 (Large)

Nanputuo Temple, dwarfed by the towering Wulao Peak to the north

Xiamen Succulents

A detail of succulents in the cacti & succulents section of Xiamen Wanshi Botanical Gardens

IMG_8180 (Large)

Sampans bottom out on Shapowei inlet, with the towers of Shimao Xiamen Straits Plaza behind

IMG_5316 (Large)

Monks assemble on the outer edges of Nanputuo’s main temple

Sunset at Nanputuo Si

Sunset among the rocks and halls of Nanputuo Temple


Zengcuo’an & the South Coast 曾厝垵 & 南岸


Xiamen Seafood

Seafood on offer in Zengcuo’an

IMG_5724 (Large)

A typical hole-in-the-wall Zengcuo’an business, with its lovingly-painted mural on the outer wall

IMG_6215 (Large)

A troupe of drummers performing at the Zengcuo’an Temple during the Lantern Festival

IMG_8254 (Large)

The traditional and the hipster coexist at ATU photography in Zengcuo’an