I’m the Australian author of Xiamen: The Camphor City Guide, a travel guide to a city unknown to most outside of China & Taiwan, but one with deep and surprising links to our multicultural modern world. I’ve travelled extensively, but The Accidental Oriental is a blog about the places I’ve been east of Istanbul – the Orient, as viewed from the West – what they share, what sets them apart, what’s surprising about them, and how they make me feel. So far:

Turkey – Iran – Georgia – Fujian – Taiwan – Singapore – Malaysia – Xinjiang

posts are erratic and infrequent

Nota bene:

all words and images on this blog, with the exception of the header images and the map below, are my own
Please ask before using any, and if you want to buy the high res, watermark-free copies, it can easily be arranged. The header images are illustrations of my photos by Khrystyna Prosiankina

The Kingdom of the Mongols Under Genghis Khan


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